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We offer a wide variety of Add Ons such as express massages, jelly masks and lash rehab treatments at Olive + July. Our add ons are a lovely addition to any of our standalone treatments including facials, lash lifts and brow styles.

Please note: Massages are only to be booked as Add Ons to treatments and not as stand alone appointments

Add On Lip Mask

Plumping Lip Masks hydrate, soothe dryness, and instantly smooths and visibly contours the lips, and makes them plumper!
Enriched with coconut, avocado, watermelon extracts hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, these masks deliver a burst of hydration and smooth texture for your lips.

Price: $15

Add On Under-Eye Mask

The rejuvenating Under-Eye Mask contains coconut and peppermint extract for instant hydration, cooling, soothing and de puffing of the under-eye area. Our eye-masks are infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Antioxidants, Niacinamide  (Vitamin B3), Vitamin E, Volufiline™ and other ingredients that work in synergy to repair skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and plump up the skin around your eyes! 

Price: $15

Add On Jelly Mask

A Luxurious add on mask to any treatment, the Jelly mask has a variety of benefits. It is hydrating and nourishing for the skin and brow hairs. It is also soothing and calming post wax so you can say GOODBYE to redness and HELLO glow! Our Jelly Mask can be applied to the following areas:

Lip: $10

Brow: $15

Sides of Face: $25

Add On Lash Rehab Treatment

Our lash rehab treatment is a beautiful keratin rich nourishing treatment for your lashes. This luxurious treatment involves a soothing lash cleanse, followed by a hydrating keratin serum, which is applied to your lashes, followed by a relaxing massage while the serum works its magic. We then finish this deluxe treatment with a deeply calming eye massage using our Dr. Spiller eye contour cream. The Lash Rehab treatment can be added on to any appointment (we recommend adding it to our famous lash lift!).

Price: $55

Add On 30-Minute Relaxation Massage

A beautiful calming massage to sooth the muscles and the mind. Our therapists use traditional Swedish massage movements to warm up and soften the muscle tissue whilst sweeping movements encourage lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow. This massage can be performed with a soft to medium pressure for a calming and deeply relaxing experience or a medium to firm pressure if you require a little more work on those tight muscles.

Price: $70

Add On 30-Minute Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing massage for any mother to be. Our therapists use a number of techniques such as body positioning and pillows to ensure the massage is pregnancy safe and comfortable. A pregnancy massage can help reduce stress, swelling and other pregnancy symptoms. You can request a full body massage or a targeted area. 

*Must be 12 weeks and over

Price: $70

Add On 30-Minute Hot Stone Massage

A warm and soothing massage to encourage a softening of the muscles and mind. Our therapists use warm smooth natural stones to glide along your back and press into tight and tense muscles. The combination of warm stones and the therapists hands will allow for a deeply relaxing experience. This massage stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, to help remove toxins from the body.

Price: $70

Add On 30-Minute Indian Head Massage

A modern spin on the traditional Indian Head massage, which combines traditional stimulating movements and our deeply relaxing nurturing movements to relax the muscles in the head, neck and shoulders. We perform pressure points on the head, neck and face to reduce tension, and relax the mind and soul. 

Price: $70

Add On 30-Minute Reflexology

A nurturing foot massage which uses pressure points to promote wellness to the entire body. Our therapists work on reflex points that correspond to various structures and organs throughout the body. This treatment balances the nervous system, eliminates toxins, induces a deep state of relaxation, improves sleep and can improve migraines, injury and illness.

Price: $70

Add On 15-Minute Targeted Areas

We offer 15 minute massages to target specific areas of the body. This includes, Back, Neck, Shoulders, Head, Hands or Feet. These massage options are ideal for an add on to any of our other services!

Price: $35

Please note: Massages are only to be booked as Add Ons to other treatments and not as stand alone appointments

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