Experience the luxury of Olive & July. With our large variety of Dr. Spiller and Herbal Aktive Skin treatments, we are able to treat almost any skin type. Our facials are carefully tailored to suit your individual concerns, this allows us to create a complete bespoke experience for you. Real results combined with tranquil massage movements, our skin treatments will quickly become your favourite monthly treat!

See below for more information on the different types of treatments.



Our beautiful Hydro Glow Facial is a perfect introductory treatment that leaves your skin refreshed and nourished. This highly effective facial is the perfect stepping stone to a full-service facial, or a suitable ‘in between’ treatment that will leave your skin feeling fresh and glowing.  This facial is best with our Enzyme Peel or LED light therapy add on. 

 - $100 with our specialists

OR $115 with founder Chloe       



This amazing facial uses a Collagen Fleece mask that consists of a fine fabric of insoluble collagen fibres, manufactured into a velvety soft non-woven tissue. They go through a mild freeze-drying process which protects the active ingredients. Collagen Fleece Masks are intensive moisturizers.

They are ideal carriers for active ingredients, and become powerful delivery systems once they are activated. The supreme performance of the collagen boost facial will improve the elasticity, restructure damaged skins, smooth lines and wrinkles, sooth and hydrate for an incredible WOW result

 - $180 with our specialists

OR $195 with founder Chloe 


Our Flawless peel is a ‘peel off mask’ which deeply infuses active ingredients into the skin, treating the condition where they can work most effectively. Our skin specialists carefully select the appropriate mask with active ingredients to suit your individual concerns.


This facial will leave your skin feeling deeply clean, plump, nourished and hydrated

 - $180 with our specialists

OR $195 with founder Chloe


A natural fresh kick- an alternative for Chemical Peels, Skin Needling and other aggressive and harmful treatments. This treatment aids in the skins metabolism, it supports micro circulation, skin cell renewal mechanisms and improves the skins complexion without visible signs of peeling. We work with the skin for a renewed complexion and fresh layer of skin! 

 - $220 with our specialists

OR $235 with founder Chloe 


An extremely indulgent facial which takes your skin through three different types of exfoliation, removing all signs of dry skin or flakiness. This highly innovative treatment then combines the regenerative power of Argan Oil with the firming affect of Aloe Vera. A Treatment for lymphatic drainage, luck lusture, aged and sagging skins. 

 - $220 with our specialists

OR $235 with Founder Chloe


Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation using a small diamond tipped exfoliating head that glides over the skins surface while a gentle vacuum is sucking up the dislodged dead skin cells and increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. 


 - $180 with our specialists

OR $195 with Founder Chloe 


Organic, all natural enzymes from an ancient type of grain (spelt) gently remove any dead skin cells. This deep exfoliation is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. This treatment may be added on to any Dr Spiller facial treatment.  


 - $35 


Our highly trained skin experts safely and hygienically remove pimples, pustules, black heads and milia. Extractions can be added to any of our skin treatments.

 - $25


The Dermaplane facial is a gentle but thorough exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and vellus hair ’peach fuzz’ from the surface - leaving you with a glowing, silky smooth face!


It is recommended to have this treatment preformed every 4-6 weeks and is safe for almost all skin types. The hairs will not grow back thicker. We only remove vellus hair which is the fine, light hair found on the body and its structure cannot be changed by this treatment. For stronger black terminal hair we recommend waxing/tweezing which we could do at your appointment.


This treatment includes a beautiful cleanse, tone, dermaplane, exfoliation, followed by a nourishing oil and finished with the suitable serums and moisturiser. Please call, text or email for this treatment as it is not yet available for online bookings.


 - $180


This incredible medical grade treatment is scientifically proven to strengthen your skin cells, promote collagen production and encourages the healthiest possible skin regeneration from the deepest dermal layer.


Our LED light therapy is one of the stronger LED on the market penetrating to an incredibly deep level of the dermis. Being a hand held device, our machine allows us to target a specific area of concern more thoroughly than most.


Doctors use LED light therapy as a way of wound healing, healing broken bones and encouraging healthy skin cell growth. We use it in the cosmetic industry to treat acne, scaring, redness, sensitivity, inflammation, loose and ageing skin, wrinkles, pigmentation and dull skin.


This can be a treatment on its own or as an add on to any of our facials excluding the B Peels. 

 - $100 on its own with our specialists

OR $115 with founder Chloe.

 - $50 as an add on and can be used with our omniwave modalties, see pricing here.




The Omnivwave machine stimulates currents and wave forms that are well proven in physical medicine in the form of electrical and ultrasound and were subsequently adapted for beauty and skin treatments.


These treatments offer a natural addition and augmentation to standard cosmetic treatments. The modalities we offer are used for treatment of skin vitalization or muscle relaxtion, muscle firming and lifting or delivery of active substances into the deep dermal layer of the skin. 

 - $40 One omniwave modality as an add on

 - $60 Two omniwave modalties as an add on

 - $100 Four omniwave modalities as an add on




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