Olive + July is Perth’s most exclusive beauty, skin and spa destinations.

Founder and owner, Chloe Sherrell is renowned for her flawless lash treatments, tailored brow styling and bespoke facials. Ever since she was a child, Chloe has always been captivated with beauty. Whether she was helping the people around her feel beautiful or even beautifying her environment - she has always loved how beauty can make a person feel. How it inspires confidence in people, how beautiful spaces can create a feeling of calm amongst chaos.  


Taking this passion and fascination combined with her undeniable skills as a beauty therapist, she has created Olive + July. With an impressive list of qualifications, Chloe’s expertise and sharp eye for detail has gained her a well earned reputation amongst Australia’s leading beauty names.


Olive + July has grown into two luxurious locations.

Subiaco Clinic offers elite beauty and skin services and the new South Perth Spa allows clients to indulge in the most decadent spa treatments, while still offering the high end beauty and skin services that are available at the Subiaco Clinic.

Chloe has carefully selected a team of highly skilled beauty therapists and skin experts to deliver incredible customer service and provide luxurious treatments within Olive & July. The team has become like a family and it is their goal to ensure each client feels welcomed and nurtured just the same.

The calming spaces invite you to leave your stresses at the door, whilst Chloe and her talented staff provide the most innovative yet decadent treatments that leave you with a sense of love-of-self and a self confidence that is a crucial part of a person's well being.


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