We believe everyone’s brows are unique and different, therefore, we like to tailor your brows to suit you. We offer a range of different brow appointments to suit new clients, frequent clients and clients who have not had their brows done for a while. This allows our brow stylists to carefully style and design beautiful brows that you’ve always wanted. 

Please see our price list for pricing and the different appointment options.


Brow lamination is taking the beauty world by storm!

This amazing brow treatment is similar to our specialty and well known ‘Lash Lift’ treatment. The technology used for lash lifting is now available for your eyebrows, however it is slightly different. We use the chemical solution to straighten the brow hairs, allowing us to achieve a fuller and thicker looking brow. We can tailor this treatment to suit you and can achieve a ‘fluffy cat walk brow’ or more structured neat brows. 

Your eyebrows will still need to be brushed daily and cared for to ensure the health of the hair is maintained. We recommend using a spoolie brush (also known as a mascara wand) daily as well as a nourishing oil such as castor oil to help soften the hairs.

Patch testing is available for all brow services.

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Feather Touch Brow’s are a form of tattoo for your eyebrows and is performed in salon by Owner Chloe and Senior Therapist Mia. This technique uses a micro blade to draw fine hair like strokes mimicking natural brow hairs to create fuller and well shaped eyebrows. high quality pigments are used and we have a wide variety of colours to match to your desired brow hair colour. Feather Touch Tattoo also known as Micro Blading uses a different technique to normal tattooing, meaning it is not permanent, rather semi permanent which lasts anywhere from 12 months to a few years. 

   - Price with Owner Chloe is $899 and $799 with Mia | Both of these prices includes a touch up perfection visit four weeks+ after your initial brow tattoo.


Our consultation, which is essential, before having tattooing, includes a brow style and an in-depth chat about the shape, after care and outcome of your tattoo. This must be booked at least a week prior to your tattoo appointment and will need to be booked in with the tattoo artist who will be performing the tattoo.

  -  Price $70


We offer touch up appointments for our own work only. If you have had brow tattooing elsewhere and are wanting a touch up with us, you will need to book in for the initial feather touch tattoo appointment. For existing clients, our touch up appointments can be booked anytime after having your brows tattooed, when you are wanting them filled in again. The usual amount of time between the initial tattoo and a touch up is 12 to 24 months.

- Price starts at $250


If you're thinking about having feather touch tattooing done, we recommend coming in for brow styling to perfect your shape a few months beforehand and this can be booked in with any of our specialists, see our price list for brow appointments, this is a separate booking to the tattoo consultation ($70), which must be booked with Chloe or Mia at least one week prior to your tattoo appointment.


Standard brow styling can be booked online, however you will need to call, text or email the salon for tattoo consultations and semi permanent brow tattoo bookings.